>happy new year!


Last night I ventured down to the Village for dinner with Emily & Tomi.
We wandered the streets around NYU, and its strange how its an area of NY that feels completely different than the neighborhood i live in! The sidewalks were much narrower, and there were dozens and dozens of little restaurants, bistro’s, bakeries, so many great little dives I’d love to explore!
We spent time in a store selling old records…Donna Summers, the Beatles, old school classics. Neat! We found a little hole-in-the-wall Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, and it was yummy…. Doro Wat and a veggie platter, with njera and mini samosas. Yummm!
Then we headed up to a friend’s apartment in midtown, and he had the “in” to get us into Times Square after the 4 pm cutoff. We squeezed onto 7th avenue, for this view of the ball. Its the tiny blue dot above the One Way sign! 🙂
After it dropped, we meandered back to his apartment to wait out the subway rush, and headed home around 2:30 when the subways were nice & clear. I finally made it to bed around 3:30….and was up by 10 to go for a run through the slush that is leftover from the snow in my last post…. Short night! =)
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