About Me

I’m a PhD student in structural biology and many other things in the in-between times. Other than life in lab… (which is a lot of my life), I like getting out of the city, making pottery, exploring ethnic restaurants, drinking coffee, playing board games (especially Settlers), drinking more coffee, hanging out with friends from church, volunteering at a women’s recovery program, shopping, watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune like an old person, dreaming up ways to decorate my apartment, cooking on occasion, and spending time in Central Park when the weather is being friendly and there is time to spare.

I am a hopeless extrovert, a sometimes fashionista (most of the time dumpy grad student — I love me some jeans), Jesus lover, a wish-I-was-more-of-a-reader, iPhone user and lover, recent Mac convert, and one of those people that wishes we didn’t have to specialize in life. I had a million interests in high school, and one by one I’ve had to sacrifice them to the alter of growing up and having limited time.

I grew up in Africa, am transplanted and/or grafted into these United States, and for the time being am planted in New York City. I go through blogging spurts, followed by dry spells, both of which can be observed on this blog. Enjoy!


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