I have pictures on my computer detailing a trip that Kyle and I took to Boston in March, which I never posted, so here they are.

Kyle was working for the National Bureau of Economics Research taking minutes of their winter meeting, so they put him up in a a nice hotel for the week. I just mooched off the last day he was there. This was our view of downtown Boston, from across the Charles River (the hotel was actually in Cambridge, MA).


On Saturday morning Kyle and I checked out of our hotel, left our bags with the concierge, and headed out into the city to explore. In Boston they have an ordered trail known as the “Freedom Trail” where you pass various buildings with historic importance.

It was amazing how much history there is, packed into such a small space. Kyle and I were able to see almost every site, and most of downtown Boston, over the course of a 3-4 hour walk. You could never do that in NY! There were several graveyards on the trail, and the Granary was one of them. John Hancock (among others) is buried here.


Kyle in front of a statue of Benjamin Franklin.


This was by the Old State House, where the Boston Massacre happened. It was actually only about 5-6 people who were killed, but at the time labeling it a massacre was one way the revolutionaries contributed towards the spread of anti-British sentiment.




This was Paul Revere’s house!

IMG_2353 These next two pictures were taken inside the Old North Church, which is where the lanterns were hung to signal which way the British were coming. The stairs to the belfry were hidden behind the organ, and the lanterns only stayed lit for 60 seconds. “One of by land, two if by sea.”IMG_2355 IMG_2356

To finish the day off in true Boston style, we went to the Cheers! restaurant and had a big bowl of clam chowder, the perfect ending to a nippy day walking around New England! 🙂  IMG_2361

We didn’t end up having time to do the entire trail, so we missed seeing the USS Constitution, which was across the river and the last stop on the trail. We turned around after the Old North Church and headed south to catch our bus on time.

Back at South Street Station to catch the bus home to NYC.


Along the way we stopped at a 10,000 Villages store, and I explained to Kyle how their stores work, bringing gifts from artisans in developing countries and selling them at market value in the US, so that more of the profit goes back to the artisan rather than a middle man.  We also saw a One Direction band booth in the center of town, and I had to send  a picture to my cousin Marie, who loves One Direction! 🙂


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