The Little Things

It’s Monday, and it’s a rough one! I’m having a hard time focusing on anything lab or research related, so I’ll post on the old blog instead. 😉

On Saturday Kyle and I went for a walk, for fun, and the walk itself was more evidence that we are city dwellers than I realized. We set off from the apartment, and walked along the Hudson, cutting in to explore Broadway on the Upper West Side. When all was said and done and we got home around sunset, it had been a five mile walk (or so) which I thought was a nice afternoon activity.

Then yesterday we went out to Connecticut for church with my relatives, and while we were talking to people after the service, we mentioned that we walk to church from the train station, because it’s a “nice, short walk” (it’s 1.5 miles, takes about 30 minutes to leisurely walk). The laughs and the knowing looks we got were evidence that we are city slickers. Only city slickers think a 30 minute walk is short; suburbanites drive their cars across a Walmart parking lot or down the block. I realize that’s a stereotype, but as I always say, stereotypes exist for a reason.

So, I guess one good way the city has rubbed off on me is that I’m not afraid to take long walks. Another is that I’m much more aware and confident in the logic and utility of public transportation. Hopefully someday when we get a car, I won’t totally give up on public transportation. (fingers crossed)

Another way the city has (literally) rubbed off on us is that yesterday while we were walking down Broadway, while I was complaining to Kyle about how much animal poop/pee covers the ground in NYC, as if to punctuate my statement, a dog in front of us stopped and started peeing in the middle of the sidewalk, which doesn’t have soil for it to sink down into and disappear… and then (literally) 1 minute later, Kyle stepped in dog poop that some bad neighbor didn’t pick up after their dog left it. A little gift to the neighborhood.

Anyway, I picked the title for today’s post because I feel like it’s the little things that make a difference between city living and elsewhere-living… long walks and dog poop on the sidewalk, because there is nowhere else to poop!

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