It’s been a busy month. My sister graduated from Nursing School, and K’s sister graduated the next weekend from Baylor, in TX. We travelled down to NC, and on up into the Appalachian Mountains to Boone, for Allie’s pinning and commencement ceremonies. At the pinning ceremony (a tradition for nursing students) Allie had the largest (by far!) contingent of people to cheer her on. It was our family, my uncle’s family from Maryland who drove down to be there, my grandparents, and then Billy’s parents, two of his sisters and their families  totaling around 25 people howling for her as she received her pin. Such fun! We are so proud of her!

ImageWe also enjoyed having another weekend up in the mountains. We visited a local farmers market, selling local produce and lots of yummy things. They also had goats and bunnies for the kids to pet, which was cute. Then we headed back to our cabin for a HUGE feast. I felt like all we did was eat the whole weekend!

And one highlight was that Kyle and I had a flat screen TV in our bedroom, so we got to luxuriously watch the Miami Heat win their way into the playoffs! They play Game 1 of the NBA finals tonight, against the San Antonio Spurs, and we are hoping for a repeat of last years victory!

The following weekend we boarded a plane to TX (my first time!). We had a layover at DFW, which is probably the biggest airport I’ve ever seen, except for maybe Heathrow in London. We got to Baylor in time for Kyle’s sister Kaila’s graduation in Accounting, and I met another blonde named Ashley Rae (first time in my life!).


Baylor is in Waco, TX, which is infamous for the Branch Davidian cult and standoff back in the ’90’s. We did drive over and look at the compound outside Waco, which was very creepy, and I don’t have a picture… We also went and saw an awesome homestead community.


It’s a community of people that believe in living simply, off the land. They grow their own food, and have a self-sustaining homestead with an iron forgery, a mill where they grind their grain, a place where they weave fabric and make all sorts of beautiful designs. (The looms were so complicated, and amazing!!)  I wish I had a picture. 😉 We finished off in the restaurant, which is behind us in the picture above. I had yummy burger and sweet potato fries. It was nice knowing that everything we ate came from less than a mile from where we were sitting!

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