Photo Treasure Trove

The other day I went snooping through Kyle’s photo gallery on his phone, and found pics that I didn’t have until now… and there were some goodies. Enjoy!

On our trip to Chicago, it snowed to welcome us, and we landed just in time before it really started falling. Pretty pretty.

Freeeeeezing in Wheaton. True to my college experience, at least.

We’re watching the Miami Heat in the NBA finals this week! And here we were about to walk into the Heat’s home stadium in Miami back in January to watch an early season game. Kyle is a fan for life.

And in case you don’t know…. Kyle loves taking pictures of me looking sheepish. I have NOT included the picture where he managed to convince me to “Tebow” in the heaven room of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton (true story). Here I am marveling at an abandoned Laboratory on Roosevelt Island.

Here I am sporting a very very stylish animal hat on Navy Pier in Chicago…

And here I am shocked to find out that they named a classroom after ME at Wheaton!? And I wasn’t even a physics major… šŸ˜‰ Actually, I have no idea who the Paulson engineer was… and am likely no relation. Sigh.

And here’s a nice picture from an afternoon we spent on Roosevelt Island. It’s a fun tram-ride across the East River and is a clean, neighborly, quiet, Truman-show-esque bubble caught between the bustle of Brooklyn and the mayhem of Manhattan. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

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