fun stuff

Sorry this is an itty bitty post… but a few fun things.

First… I ran my third half marathon with Team World Vision at the end of March, and my final fundraising total was over $500. It meant I got to wear Orange Shoelaces from World Vision, and it brought the overall total from the past three years to over $5000, which is enough to build a new well. Smile smile. K ran the WHOLE thing with me (without having trained…he’s amazing) and Jonathan & Emily were there for the 5k.

Second… K got me movies from my ancient past for my birthday, which made me smiiiiiile. And a pound of coffee… a staple which always make me smile. 😉 I have such vivid (and yet somehow nondescript) memories of watching these two movies when I was little, AND their sequels. Not quite sure how K knew I would like them. Sneaky sneaky, and a fun surprise.

Third… I went home for Easter and to surprise Allie for a bridal shower her best friend’s mom was throwing. As part of the fun, we made these adorable cake pops using a cake-pop maker Allie got from Billy’s family for Christmas. Allie and I had tried once over Christmas, and were unsuccessful, so I was so happy when these all turned out super cute.

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