Last weekend Kyle & I went to Chicago to visit Wheaton and friends… and here goes a photo-montage to what went down.

This is me after arriving at O’Hare, waiting for Annette to arrive to take us home. Read: “I am in Chicago!!!” =)

Kyle was excited too. =)

I gave a seminar at Wheaton that afternoon, which went well. The biochemistry students had spent the previous week learning about protein purification and crystallography, so my talk came at the perfect time.

I met up with my Wheaton girls for dinner that night (sadly…forgot to get pics) but also met up the next morning for brunch at the infamous and wonderful Egg’lectic Cafe in downtown Wheaton. I got my favorite: The California Crepe… and Gee Whiz I love these girls! 🙂

That afternoon I gave K & his buddy a tour of campus, including the Billy Graham Center which the guys were excited to see. During the tour, it chronicles the rise of the Billy Graham ministry, which was based in Minneapolis, MN at the time. They had these samples of letters sent from around the world trying to reach Mr. Graham, and  I got such a kick out of them. If read with African accents, they totally make sense! 🙂

And so concludes Chi-town part 1…

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One Response to Chi-town

  1. Ben and I are sitting here cracking up over those Billy G envelopes! Many happyness, many soda. Bahahaha!

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