7×7 link awards

The other day I got an email from my friend Erica saying she wanted to nominate me for a ‘bloggy award’ for being a fun blog that she reads, and asked if she could pass on my blog to her readers.

“Sure, I’m game.” I replied.

I am always up for more readers, since I think my most faithful ones include my mom, my grandma, and a couple friends out in Wheaton. So if you’re new here, you are joining an elite audience! 🙂 And I too, will attempt to fill out my 7×7 categories. Here goes:

1. Thank the person who nominated you!

Thanks Erica! I love reading your blog, and dreaming of having the ability to make cute DIY stuff. I loved your many hysterical narratives involving Moose pre-Bo, and the cute and consistent pictures you post of Bo as he’s growing. Super cute, and great photography!

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

1. I don’t like to drink water, and have an unhealthy love for coffee.

2. I love my iPhone… don’t know how I functioned before it!

3. I live in Manhattan… in case its not obvious.

4. I am constantly perusing Orbitz.com or Kayak.com to see what exotic destinations I could pop off to if I had the time, money, and whimsical inclination to ditch lab.

5. I’m working on a PhD in structural biology… and I promise you that makes me sound much smarter than I actually am.

6. I love playing board games.

7. I have friends all over the globe… and in a perfect world I could go see each one, where they are.

3. Share 7 of your blog posts that fit into the following categories:

Most Beautiful: This was such a beautiful book. I came across this entry again this week, and remembered that I must read it again.

Most Helpful: Together, we’ve raised almost $5000 for wells in Kenya in 2 years of running for Team World Vision. (if you want to help me reach that final $5000, you can find out more and give here.)

Most Popular: This one drew the most comments… and it was before I moved my blog address, so I don’t even know if some of them read me anymore.

Most Controversial: This story, which pops up every year on March 29th…

Most Surprisingly Successful: I thought this one was funny. I’m glad someone else did too!

Most Underrated: I thought my NYPUA series were pretty funny… and descriptive of NYC.

Most Prideworthy: I loved this motion shot

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers:








I too, use Google Reader to bring all their goodness into one place, but I usually follow the links to their actual pages to read their posts on their sites… I love pictures, and should probably be better about taking and posting more on my own blog.


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