A wish list…

Every now and then I like to make a list of everything I’d get if I could go on guilt-free shopping spree… and this is my current list.

A good mop. (It’s ridiculous how expensive they are!)

A black full sleeve v-neck cardigan that doesn’t stretch out. The one I had and loved from the Nairobi second hand market near Muringa Road was tragically lost in the NYC subway. 😦

Frilly and lacey blouses. I have an addiction. 🙂

This one is from Anthropologie. So cute!

A bunch of colorful chunky jewelry. This necklace is from BR, so pretty!

For summer months when I don’t want my flip flop toes covered in NYC grime.

Born Famke black leather clogs. Sturdy, warm, comfortable, and a bit of height. 🙂

A radio alarm clock iPod dock.

Sometimes I want a blender… especially in the summer months when my sweltering living room offers no cool-down, save a bunch of crushed ice and being parked in front of a fan.

A dust buster. Right now it’s a strong arm, a stiff brush and a dust bin!

This Saddle Up bag from Vera. It has an adjustable strap. So cute.

(In my dreams) A maid. Ha!

And last but not least, a pair (or two) of completely impractical, fabulous heels! There is no legitimate excuse for these in NYC, and most of the time I’m sure they would be a painful experience, but they are just so cute. I have to get a beige pair for Allie’s wedding in July so maybe I’ll have to let that assuage my craving for a bit. 🙂

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