I am gonna squish it all into this little post… 🙂

I saw my first Christmas tree stand on my walk to the train, to drive out to NJ and then home to NC for Thanksgiving. I look forward to seeing them pop up around the city, and the fun distraction & smell & music they have when I am walking somewhere.

Thanksgiving (which I won’t post about) was fun, with the Barney side of the family. TONS of food and enusing comas… some shopping, and lots of the stud you see in the picture below:

Syvertsens helped my family put up our tree before we drove back to NY, and Brandon was very excited. 🙂 See the progression to the final (and beautiful!) product.

Back in the city I put together this little number which I’ve lit up on occasion through the past few weeks. I actually first saw tea lights floating in a hurricane glass at Erica‘s bridal shower in Charlotte, and loved it! Now I have my own. 🙂

Kyle and I went to midtown to see the lights, and they didn’t disappoint. Many people who aren’t familiar with NYC know about the Rockefeller tree and ice skating rink, but they often don’t know that just six blocks south of Rock center is Bryant Park, which also boasts a beautiful tree and ice skating that costs less and usually has a shorter wait time. There is also a nice sized Christmas market with lots of creative (albeit pricy) gifts. It was a nice Christmastime venture.

And then… since it is only 6 blocks away, we also walked up to Rockefeller to see the most famous Christmas tree in the world… and it is HUGE. I didn’t realize until this year that it is actually a single tree; I always thought they took a few trees and put them together with some kind of platform contraption… but NO! It really is that awesome, and that huge! And it was insanely packed with people (breathing room only!) so we snapped some pics, and then skedaddled outta there.

Merry Christmas, my little blog-reading faithful few! 🙂

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