bucket list

This is my third autumn in New York. Every year the trees peak mid-November, and every year I have failed to venture into Central Park during the full foliage because the fall is always an INSANE time schedule-wise. This year has been no exception. I’m taking classes, TA’ing classes, leading stuff through church, and doing my research… somehow trying to find time to sleep, and have completely given up on exercise.

But today a bucket list item was finally fulfilled. I had agreed to go out to lunch after church with Kyle and an Econ friend from Yale who is in town for the weekend. Fortunately for me, we found a cafe IN THE PARK for lunch! I don’t have pictures to prove it, but we ate tartines at LPQ just north of Sheeps Meadow, outside with trees and leaves and Central Park bustle all around us. I was wearing a fleece which perfectly countered the autumn nip, and had a cup of coffee in hand. Perfection. Hooray!

I have my next immunology exam tomorrow, and (again) it will be killer. Yesterday Kyle brought me an entire pumpkin pie that he made extra from his Bible Study’s Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, and I have orders to eat a slice whenever my study-brain starts to fatigue. And now I remember why I always gained 5 pounds during exam week at Wheaton. =)

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