It’s been weeks since I really posted… and eventful ones, too! I’ll start with story #1…

Three weeks ago Kyle and I traveled to Philly to visit his grandparents for a night. On the way there, by still mysterious means…. I lost my purse. I am usually SOO anal about holding it close, making sure it’s zipped etc, because pickpockets in NYC are sneaky and skillful. I got on the train at 110th and off at 34th street, and when I got to 34th street I realized I didn’t have it. I was SO FRUSTRATED… Kyle was a good person to be with because he keeps his cool. We turned around and rode back to 110th, all the while thinking to myself “there is no WAY it will still be there when we get back”. It wasn’t.

I started doing the math… my iPhone, my apartment keys, all my credit cards, cash, movie vouchers… over $600 worth of stuff in my little purse. And I was stressed… I called and cancelled all my cards, and tried to track my iPhone’s location online, but it wasn’t working.

We ended up still making it to Philly, but later than we had anticipated. Kyle’s “Abuela” (spanish for grandma) had made her most special Cuban dish, “Ropa Vieja” for our arrival. It was delicious. We spent that day and night playing with his three little cousins, three very sweet little girls. We headed back to NY on Sunday, and asked around at Penn Station where there might be a lost and found in case (by some miracle) someone had found or returned my purse. It was closed because of the weekend… So when I got home that night I filed an online report with a description of my purse and its contents, as well as my iPhone’s serial number.

To my shock and utter amazement, completely opposite of my perception of NYC… Kyle got a call the next morning on his phone saying “her purse is here, and she can come pick it up anytime between 8AM-3PM.” I hopped on the first subway car (using a borrowed metro card) and went down to Penn Station, to find every single content of my purse present and accounted for, down to the last dime that was in my wallet, and an irreplaceable button from a shirt I love. It was a lesson for me in being hopeful, and in the effectiveness of prayer. Kyle’s mom had spoken to me on the phone, assuring me she would pray that the person who had my purse was a Good Samaritan, and while I believed it was possible, I believed even more that it was too unlikely to be worth hoping for.

There was a card attached to my purse & its contents from the person who turned it in. The name on the card simply said “D. Bueno” with no further contact information. “Bueno” means “good” in Spanish… there are GOOD people in NYC!

Today my baby brother called me from North Carolina, in the car on his way home from the grocery store with mom. He called to tell me that when he was returning the grocery cart to the rack in the parking lot, he found someone’s wallet on the ground. And he took it inside the grocery store and turned it in, just like the ‘bueno’ person that turned mine in, and he thought I’d like to hear his story. I did.

Maybe I need to have more faith in people. =)

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