Epic week!

The past seven (wait, make it eight) days have been remarkable!

Sunday: HURRICANE IRENE. I spent it watching hours upon hours upon hours of a TV series, courtesy of Netflix. Fantastic. Then I had dinner at Mel & Nadine’s and we played Spades. Also fantastic.

Monday: trip #1 to the US Open. Saw Venus Williams and Roger Federer play, both won.

Tuesday: early morning trip #3 to St. Paul’s to serve breakfast at their soup kitchen. Saw The Help with Kyle — so funny! And he was brave enough to be one of the THREE guys in the theater. Aww.

Wednesday: early morning trip #4 to St. Paul’s to serve breakfast. Trip #2 to the US Open. Saw Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova. Both won.

Thursday: Flew home to Charlotte with the boy. Saw this ridiculous order-and-pay-at-this-screen at the JetBlue terminal — American laziness at its finest. Had mom’s corn chowder and ham & cheese buns for dinner, and slept in a comfy bed at home. Awesome.

Friday: Picked up Chris at the airport, home from AUSTRALIA for the week. Drove to Boone to the cabin my family rented for the weekend. Amazing. Slept in a wicker bed and fell asleep to the sound of crickets.

Saturday: Pancake breakfast. Hiked Linville Gorge (beautiful!) and swam in an ice-cold mountain swimming hole. I didn’t have the courage or the cold-stamina to try out the rope swing. =)

Had dinner with Dick & Millie Bransford and their kids. So good to see them! It was Dick’s birthday (surprise!) so we had mom’s famous ice cream pie for dessert. YUMMY. We go back with the Bransfords… They are good friends of the Barneys and Grandpa & Grandma always stayed with them when they came to Africa with Grandpa’s tours. (I loved that!). They had Chris and me down for innumerable meals and hosted my family many, many times when they would visit us at boarding school. Dick delivered my little sister Allie at Kijabe Hospital back in 1990. Before that, mom babysat their kids when she was in high school at RVA back in the 70’s. Dick’s son Josh was one of my (poor) chemistry students at RVA back in 2008… and it goes on. It was good to see them.

Sunday: church with Allie at The Heart, and then lots of vegging, Rummikub, more food… frisbee, soccer, and American football (all simultaneously!) at a nearby park. More food… and the day was punctuated by a campfire and s’mores with GIANT marshmallows and wonderful people!

Monday: Drove home (sad….tears), said goodbye to Allie-bar. Went to Chic-Fil-A for dinner (Awesome.) Kyle and Chris were both very happy to check this off their list. Haha. Said goodbye to mom as she headed off to a 12-hour nightshift in the ER… and left for the airport in the middle of the night to catch our 6am flight… All good things must come to an end.

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