I promised a post three weeks ago… Fail. The family was here and it was so good to have them! Here we are in day 1, and everyone still had fresh legs. Haha.


We took Boo to the Statue of Liberty, the Staten Island Ferry (his favorite part was the snacks on the boat ride over)…

the park, and the Bronx zoo where he got up close and personal with some Tigers (so cool!) and watched a Sea Lion feeding/show.



(can you tell he is a favorite subject?) 🙂
I miss them already, but we fly down next weekend for Labor Day weekend and a rendezvous with Chris who is home from Australia for a week or so. Very very excited.

Since then it’s been busy in lab. I was finally able to reproduce some crystals, which is always good news and has kicked things up a notch.

And things have been busy out of lab! I went whitewater rafting this past weekend, which was all fun & games until our boatmate got his shoulder dislocated after falling out in a rapid. They had class III rapids, which don’t compare to the Nile (lifetime bragging rights!!) but were still fun. (please ignore the shameless watermark in this photo, haha).


Kyle bought me an ice-cream afterwards (smiles) and it was fun having a day out of the city (as always).


And my timer just started beeping! Back to work! 🙂

(p.s. I’ll try to figure update the pics and make them larger… wrote this from my phone and don’t know why they are tiny! =)

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