Today I showed up to lab super late… only to find that the pipette-calibration dude was also late, meaning that even though I am here and ready to work, I can’t because pipettes are the equipment equivalent of my ‘fingers’, and they are indisposed until he’s done. So, I am chilling, and it feels nice to have nothing to do. (I need a vacation).

Here is a PHD comic for you all which I found funny and true (PHD comics are of grad students in particular, and stands for Piled Higher and Deeper, an apt description of life in the research world….)

It’s in the 80’s outside, which is how summer is supposed to feel: warm and happy. Not hot and miserable like last week….And the family has left Charlotte and started their long trek north. Stops include Boone, Washington D.C. + museums, Baltimore, New Jersey, and then ME! I’m a little excited. I’ll try to get some good pics of our time together!

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