ahhh home life.

friday i gave a presentation to my lab that took me entirely too long to put together… products of my ever-developing and ever-persisting A.D.D, which didn’t exist prior to coming to Columbia. hehe.

then i peaced out and flew home for the weekend! 🙂 Abbie Wolcott got married on saturday in south carolina, about 2 hours from my family, so we all headed down together. it had been about 5 years since i’d seen Abbie or her sister Audrey, who was married last weekend to Frank.

As weddings always are, it was happy, too short and there was too much to say to fit into those few hours, but it was so good to see the Wolcotts nonetheless. (a few of these are shamelessly stolen from facebook, hehe)

Waz came over from Congo for a few weeks, and it was good to see him too. here is waz rockin’ a fedora! i am sure it will be a hit when he gets back to Congo.

The RVA crowd, minus the bride. 🙂

and last, but not least…. my favorite 8 year old

the return leg of my trip was less than glorious, and may have included a very tragic and high-speed end-of-life for a poor possum on highway 521… an omen of the mess that awaited me at Charlotte Douglas International. but i’m back… in lab… and being suprisingly productive for a monday. can you tell? 😉

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