here it is!

wow. my life has been in what feels like fast-forward for weeks now. (hence the lack of blogging). one of the big explanations for why is that in that earlier shot where you see me & Bambi playing, i proceeded to go back into the synchrotron and collect a data set that FINALLY had enough signal to solve my structure! so, voila…. here it is. 🙂 in its rough form, anyway. it might not be kudos for me to put it on here, but i doubt grandma, mom, or any of my other faithful readers will really understand it anyway. 😉

[deleted image]

on the 6th I flew to LA on a free ticket (thank you biology happy hour purchasing miles!) to visit my friend Emily, who I lived with for 2 of my four years at Wheaton. It was great to see her, see the city, and catch up. And I think that a trip to California needs to become a yearly occurrence.

While I was there we ate…. and ate…. and ate. It was wonderful. This was a made-to-order ice cream sandwich shop… delish. I got fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream. Melt in your mouth fantastic.

We also got the ever-necessary In N’ Out burger, went out for Indian one night, and then busted out the grill for some homemade kebabs one night. Yummers.

There were jacaranda trees, Eucalyptus, and Bougainvillea everywhere in LA. It made me miss Nairobi so much! I tried to get some pics as best I could… I know it doesn’t do them justice.

I am headed home this weekend to see the fam, and for a family friend’s wedding in SC. Can’t come soon enough! A lot to do between now and then….. oofta.

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One Response to here it is!

  1. Grandma Paulson says:

    You are absolutely right – we have no idea what all the swirls and squiggly things are all about. But if it makes you happy, it makes us happy. :=)

    Anyway, we are very glad that you understand those things, as we heard that you accomplished a fantastic goal after spending most of your days and nights living in the lab to see this arrangement of whatever they are. We actually have no idea what you are doing, but we do appreciate keeping posted.


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