13.1 for Kenya!

Saturday I ran a half marathon in Queens, raising money for Team World Vision. It was GREAT! I beat my time from last year by about 3 minutes, and overall felt better through the whole race.

My team raised right around $2500, which combined with last years fundraising of around $2000 means that together, team Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka has raised enough to install a new well in Kenya! Its fun and extra motivating to have a reason to run, a reason not to give up training, and a reason to get other people involved in the work, even if they aren’t running the mileage.

I got my dear friend and freshman year roommate Erin to run her first (proud of her!), my cousin Dave, and a few friends from NY to run with me. Jonathan (right) finished 8th out of the 2500 runners who finished the half-marathon, and we were proud he was part of our team! πŸ™‚

After the race, we hobbled home and showered, and then went out to dinner for Indian, to celebrate my birthday. My friend Candice made me the biggest birthday cake I’ve ever seen, complete with real flowers and a rasberry rose mousse filling. Impressive! πŸ™‚ It was a great weekend.

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