Snirt is a word that I recently learned from Kelly Ripa, and it makes me laugh! We have LOADS of snirt in NYC. She tweeted this picture this morning:

… which is pretty demonstrative of much of the city. We had a huge snowstorm last week, and while the snow was relatively fresh, Christine and I took a walk through the “snirt” to Riverside Park, where the snow was still mostly white and pretty. We passed this little guy outside Pinkberry on the way.

Can you spot the car?
How about now?
Me walking through Snirt towards the park….

Towards the sound of many many children’s voices…. SNOW DAY! Schools were cancelled in NYC and everybody with a sled, plastic bag, garbage can lid, or plastic tray were crowded around the many slopes in Central Park and Riverside Park… so much fun.

And yes… the parks are much prettier than the snirt that is everywhere else in the city.

In the park we met a massive Golden Retreiver-Poodle with a personality to match his altitude. Here he’s saying hello to a weiner dog who was somewhat intimidated by his size….

…and here he is eating Christine’s perfect snowball. So cute!

We passed this brave soul on our walk back. It turns out he left his shovel INSIDE his car! Oops!

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One Response to Snirt

  1. Erica says:

    >hilarious pictures of nyc!!! poor cars. oh, i'm so sick of it all.

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