Wintry Mixer


My friend Linda from lab enticed over half of the lab with bagels, coffee & juice to help her & her boyfriend move today… The worst possible day to move. There is slush falling from the sky at an alarming rate, heavy & wet, which makes my down coat smell of feathery stink. Haha. I started this entry at 11am, and now at 11pm the weather hasn’t abated. I think the streets are going to be a massive ice cube in the morning…

Linda moved to a building with a doorman, so as to avoid being robbed again, like she was over Christmas break. Seeing all her boxes and furniture and the effort to move, even with eight people working, made me oh-so-grateful that given the amount of furniture I have (a) I love my apartment and (b) my roommate and I live so well together, so that I don’t anticipate having any reason to move during my tenure here in the city. 🙂

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