Yesterday my friend Jonathan, an outdoorsy mountain man extraordinaire, took Emily and I to a rock climbing gym in midtown for some free climbing through a Columbia promo… we bouldered and belayed for almost four hours…. which means that today I am SORE BEYOND DESCRIPTION. Muscles I didn’t know I have are hurting!

We also watched a movie, made apple crisp, and had some neat discussions late into the night… And I fell alseep being the best kind of tired (obviously not knowing how sore I would be in the morning….)

I thoroughly wasted today, which always feels fantastic…. and topped it off with another great sermon from Tim Keller. I need to not take his ability to explain things in ways that make sense for granted… and often wish I could take his wonderful explanations and thought-provoking questions, transplant them into my brain, and thus be able to reproduce them at the right time to engender discussions with others when these types of topics arise.

I am in lab, pathetically attempting to loop enough crystals so that I’m ready to screen them this week. Synchrotron trip next weekend!

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