>A lot of things in life are about perspective.

I had my wisdom teeth out on Monday (I am no longer wise, apparently), and have been stuck eating yogurt and tepid pureed food for the past five days. Never before has mac & cheese from a box tasted so good, as when you know it is really too solid for you to be eating, but you eat it anyway…. and then spend too long in front of a mirror trying to make sure your mouth is still OK. I haven’t drunk anything hot, and even cold things can make my nerves shoot….

Today on my walk to work, I stopped at my favorite creperie for a cup of coffee and had to explain to the cashier that, yes in fact, I do want a lukewarm cup of iced coffee. I asked for iced coffee without ice, in a hot-coffee cup (no straws), and she tried to convince me to put one or two ice cubes in. When I assured her that I didn’t want ice, she gave me a perplexed look but acquiesed to my request, and I have never been so thankful for a cup of room temperature coffee in my life.

Perspective, right? =)

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