they are flying everywhere…. :o) As people have said to me, “its just that time of life”. I guess so.

Christmas Eve two of my senior year housemates became engaged… Heather to Jeff, and Lauren to Roger. So happy for both of them! Then a childhood friend became engaged Christmas Day or the day after… Then my brother Chris had his fiance home with us for Christmas, which was lovely. They are going to be married March 26th in Baltimore, and I can’t wait!

Then Thursday I was a bridesmaid in Kate & Alex’s wedding in Chicago along with her two sisters and sister-in-law; Kate & Alex are two special people, and it was a very special day! They chose “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” to be part of their ceremony, and singing and seeing those words come to fruition in the provision that God gave both of them in bringing them together was so beautiful.

Now I am back in New York, tired, not ready to re-start (not looking forward to facing all the mistakes I made in lab before I left, or to face my boss), and am recovering/still getting used the results of a botched hair dye that has left me strawberry blonde (see pic above). Hehe.

But, in good news, I successfully did a 3 mile walk/run today… barely catching up to being on track for half marathon training, which officially starts next week with consistent 2-to-3 mile runs! Oy vey…

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