gingerbread cheer

>Last week I hosted a gingerbread house party in my apartment, and my friend Christine snapped pics (maybe this habit of depending on other people for pics may someday come to a happy close).

We spent hours, used gobs of icing, ate lots of candy before it could make its way to any house….and made a complete mess of my living room! But it was worth it!

We had the peace/love/hippie house…

The licorice christmas lights/icicles house….which never got completely finished. It was supposed to have a NYC fire escape on it, but Amy ran out of time. :o)

There was the remarkable boys’ sleigh-on-roof, 11 o’clock inside, jacuzzi-cupcake-outside house, but serious lack of frosting house.

There was the adorable ‘winner’, complete with a logpile, snowman, Christmas wreath, window shutters, and a candycane fence….

And then there was the ‘flop’, which ended up only surviving by having pretzel buttresses to keep the roof from completely collapsing.

The irony in the whole situation is that the big house that ‘flopped’ is the only house that I actually made using the cookie cutters I ordered off Amazon! Haha. The rest were made from a paper trace that Nadine made.

Christmas is in TEN days! And I go home in FIVE.

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