Its 1:30 am, A.D.D is in full swing… I am staring at my new Apple Crisp candle. Thanks to A.D.D my tree now has a pretty array of little ornaments, complete with ribbons I tied into bows, and topped with the angel Lanny & Carla gave me in 2008 when I spent a majority of the Christmas season with them in England. It was MY first ornament, so it seemed fitting to put it on top.

I have a mocha that is fast becoming lukewarm, and crumbs from peanut butter toast (Paulson weakness) on my coffee table, and am bundled up in a heavy hoodie and warm socks. The weather has turned kind of dramatically… Its like the earth knows when Dec 1st hits, and it has permission to ‘bring it on’.

I have a paper due tomorrow that I haven’t started, on a topic I don’t know yet… Fruitlessly trying to hijack some sleeping neighbor’s wireless internet(hence a mobile post) to start it, so as to avoid having to leave the tree to do work…. I think I will have to forfeit.

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