>veggies & gingerbread

>Today was a strange day… I got home from the synchrotron around 8 a.m., went to bed until around 11, and then woke up and putzed the day away. I ordered components to throw a little gingerbread house-building party sometime next week, and celebrated free shipping on Amazon.com with my Prime account. :o) I also mopped the kitchen floor. Twice.

Distracted by my gingerbread plans, I completely forgot to go to class at 4:00 …hehe.

Then I met a friend for dinner at Cosi, and a movie we’d both wanted to see for a bit. On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and in a moment of passion, and in light of recent suspicions that poor nutrition and caffeine overload are probably not helping me feel the greatest…. I purchased the first vegetables in tooooo long. (again, secrets to salvage my dignity). I arrived home and made a veggie stirfry and rice, which will hopefully last me through the weekend.

But… now I am eating M&M’s in bed, reading, and preparing to head back to work tomorrow. :o)

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