Today I am working from home (can you tell? Hehe) and its a good thing too. Within 5 minutes of eachother, the cookie cutters I ordered yesterday (yes! YESTERDAY afternoon!) arrived –thank you Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping!!!– as well as…. Drumroll… My first Christmas tree! =D

I feel like I should name it… :o)

I also ordered an electric mixer, which my roommate (baking connoisseur) will love when she makes her creations (the latest was artichoke mazzarella bread…yummy), and I will love it when I bake mountains of gingerbread houses this weekend. I reeeally wish I had a camera to document the fun-ness this next week. But for now, my little phone camera will have to suffice. :o)

AND… I am contemplating instead of buying any ornaments, to either make them or entice everyone to send me one in the mail, so that I will think of you every year when I set up my tree and hang YOUR ornament! (Shameless plug)

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