>cleanliness is next to Godliness…. and I am a sinner.

>On my walk home last night (early! at 7:30pm) I was overcome with exhaustion to the point of feeling ill, so I opted to give myself a rain check on that movie…. instead I spent the evening in typical fashion before leaving for any length of time: cleaning, putting away laundry, and packing. And let me tell you, it took a while. No more details are necessary. hehe. (Allie has one humorous inside fact about my kitchen….which will remain private to salvage my dignity).

However, my room looks spotless now, and my floor is even mopped, because I love coming back after (too many) hours in transit, to a clean apartment. By the time I finished my deep clean, I was feeling a bit better, so still managed to squeeze in a chick flick before hitting the hay. I am so happy to be going home to NC today… I need some time off.

Also, poor little Brandon gets surgery to have his tonsils out today. =(

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