>Four days to breathing again…

* finish up and proof a presentation on breast cancer for class Monday
* innoculate and induce a SeMet prep (attempt #2 after frying the first one with concentrated sulfuric acid)
* write for my life
* Bible study
* Cross my fingers and hope the USPS makes good on their “guarantee” that my transcripts will be delivered in Washington D.C. by 3p.m. 

* bake a Thanskgiving side dish
* do a large-scale SeMet prep, finished by noon! eek!
* write for my life
* exchange a charity drive gift for the correct size, wrap, and deliver.

*write for my life
* prepare a lesson for my biochemistry recitation Monday

* lead biochemistry recitation
* NSF fellowship due
* Drugs and Disease presentation
* Set up crystals
* Boss returns from China…. no more hooky

* Breathe
* Fly home for Thanksgiving

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