>Its 1 AM, I am in lab….and blogging. Something isn’t right with this picture….

Today, tomorrow, saturday, sunday, monday –> GET CRYSTALS
Tomorrow: cook dinner for bible study
Saturday: did I mention get crystals? Plus bigtime paper research, write NSF essays, Drugs & Disease essays, edit previous NSF essays, meet with partners for group presentations in Drugs & Disease. Maybe to go to Philly with Dave & Aaron.
Sunday: continue to work on NSF, writing, research, crystals, go to church.
Monday: lead recitation on a class I skipped today (eek….busy with a prep), go to Drugs & Disease class (uggghh), submit a portfolio item by Wednesday BUT….
will be at the synchrotron overnight from 3p-7a Tuesday night. Our home x-ray broke today, kaput, so we have no way to pre-screening to only take the good crystals. It will be a LONG night.
Wednesday: Turn in proposal, turn in porfolio essay….crash and burn.

Somewhere in that mess I am supposed to go to a ‘dinner club’ with classmates from bio here… and




I AM TOOOO BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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