>I completely forgot to put on makeup today. At various points throughout the day I tried to remember if I had, couldn’t remember, but never actually remembered to look in a mirror and check until now, at 8:40 p.m. “Nope! Nothin’ there.”  At least I didn’t spend the day fretting about it, haha. I guess either this is indicative of (a) how busy I am, or (b) how bad my A.D.D. is. Take your pick.

For lunch today I had like….4 or 5 of Linda’s pumpkin cookies, and an ice cream pop from the vending machine. Nutritious?

Work due tomorrow….essays to be revised…. ugh ugh ugh. I wake up tense in the mornings, need a solid stream of dense caffeine throughout the day, and dream of having time to take a leisurely, guilt-free walk, and I think something’s gotta give…..

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