>another FAIL

>This morning I woke up early to study/prepare for Bible study (realistically I end up being distracted by the internet, which is why I don’t like taking my computer home), while also preparing chicken for dinner. Naturally, the internet sucked me in and my wake-up-call was the smoke detector beeping so loud that my friends down on Wall Street could probably hear it. Burnt chicken and an apartment full of smoke, and my poor roommate peeking out of her room in her morning glory…. I proceeded to put her up on a stool to try to shut it off since I couldn’t reach it (see my prev post…. vertical challenges manifest themselves throughout my life, haha) but to no avail. So we endured the noise for about 10 minutes, with me freakishly fanning the smoke detector with a folder and Ann opening all the windows until it cleared out enough.

So…. I failed at cooking, failed in lab, and failed to adequately prepare for study tonight. Oy vey. But I look cute in my new jeans. Hey! :o)

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