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Email post! Hooray for blackberry and 3G.
Saturday I caught quite possibly the shadiest bus service in NY to downtown Hartford to visit my grandparents for a night. I knew from conversations on the phone that they didn’t fully understand where to meet me, so was sure to include a street address, cross street, and description of where I’d be arriving… They said they had a GPS and would find me… And still, they went to the wrong place to meet me. Gotta love them! So as I sat for 20 mins waiting for them to figure out downtown Hartford, I met the guy who had been sitting in front of me the whole ride. He noticed the Africa pendant on my neck and inquired, and we figured out our African connection. He was from Capetown, and had been to Nairobi. I also found out that he works for the Boston Celtics, and was seated at the bench at the Celtics-Knicks NBA game I went to on Wednesday. Small world? =)
Grandpa and Norma eventually found me, and we headed home for Norma’s salmon soup, followed by a trip to the movies. The last time I went to the movies with Grandpa was about 20 years ago, when he took me on a date to McDonalds and 101 Dalmations, happy meal figurine in tow. This time we had to sit close enough for him to be able to see the screen, and watching him patiently struggle to read the bills in his wallet made my heart pinch a little.
We went home, played Rummikub, and watched the Yankee game on their large screen TV while I kept Grandpa updated on the score, and Grandpa, a die hard Red Sox fan, told me that NY, Aunt Jan and her boys were polluting me by making me a Yankee fan. Haha. In typical fashion Grandpa and Norma were in bed by about 7:30 and I tried to get online to work on a research paper that was due today… Fail. Dial up AOL from the stone age is not conducive to doing anything online! So instead I fiddled with the computer settings to try to maximize the screen font sizes, and watched TV the rest of the evening.
Connecticut is beautiful in the fall, and Grandpa and Norma shared how much they loved being able to be in CT through autumn before heading to Florida for the winters. Grandpa drove me to the bus station and we got to share 45 mins over a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee while we waited. Nice.
It was nice to see them, short but sweet. The death-defying trip back was less than desirable punctuation to the weekend. At one point even the driver groaned because he thought we were headed for an accident… You’d think he’d learn! Never again will I EVER use that transit line.
I spent last night into the wee hours, and the entire morning today cranking out the paper… The professor gave almost 20 pages of instructions for how to write our 3 page paper. I am very much less than impressed with her, and her class. Ugh… Eight more weeks of this!
Mom and Allie come Thursday, and I am excited to see them, and hopefully make it into Central Park to enjoy the beautiful Autumn foliage. Something to look forward to amidst the ridiculousness that is my class situation this semester. =)
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