>crossed off the bucket list

>The NBA game has been checked off the bucket list! Went to a Knicks-Celtics pre-season game on Wednesday, and was in the audience with Josh Groban, among other celebs and famous peeps. Good times. We even managed to not get kicked out of the almost-courtside seats we stole in lieu of our nosebleed ticketed seats. Even better times.

I went to Connecticut this weekend to see Grandpa Barney and Norma. I think a separate post will ensue, though. Its 4:30pm, I have church at 5, a playoff volleyball game at 8p, and a research paper due tomorrow that i haven’t started. Joys joys. It will be a LATE night and yet another late Monday morning…

Oh, and its official: I am registered for NY 13.1 2011! Running shoes, get ready! Six more weeks of freedom…

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