>Awesome Autumnal Apples

>This weekend was a good one….

Emily, a wonderful gal in my fellowship group, invited people out to her home in NW Jersey this weekend for a harvest weekend. We stopped in an apple orchard and picked bushels upon bushels of apples, sampling the entire time to be sure we were picking the best ones! Yummy! I lost count of how many apples I ate after about 3.5… I could feel the number growing, along with my stomach. Ha! To top it off I ate about 4 apple cider donuts, and drank some hot apple cider, so by the time we hit Emily’s house for dinner I had almost zero appetite. =) Appled-out!
Her parents are fabulous. Her mom had the entire house decked out in autumn decor, with candles lit everywhere and a delicious pot of spaghetti waiting for us.We sang worship songs around her parents’ 100+ year old piano, so out of tune that it was perfect for playing Ragtime…. I did my best to remember the Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin. I couldn’t remember too much of it, but enough to get the general gist of it. My friend Jonathan held out on us and didn’t tell us he knew how to play it as well, until the next morning, and played more of it than I could. Love Joplin!
We sat around a campfire outside, marveling at the clarity of the skies and all the constellations we could see. A droid phone made its appearance identifying the stars for us, and the brightest one in the sky turned out to be THREE co-aligned… Uranus, a moon, and some star. Technology! ha.  It was a beautiful, clear, cool night, and I was surrounded by great people, a smoky fire, s’mores and the country! There were a couple new girls I got to know a bit better, which was awesome. Joanna and Katie L and Johanna the philologist are so sweet! (I didn’t know philology existed until this weekend… apparently that is what C.S. Lewis was, and is also what one of his characters in Paralandra are. True story.)
Now I am back in the concrete jungle, ‘studying’ at Starbucks, ordering for the department Happy Hour (more free miles!), working on Drugs & Disease homework, procrastinating on a quick trip into lab to start some overnight cultures, and am a fine line past being cold. Time for a pumpkin spice latte to warm me up. =)
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