Today, for a few reasons, I ended up going to two church services. Super christian!=D
During the service this morning, there was time of silent prayer in praise and thanksgiving. I sat there, and having attended my final Friday night fellowship group with the community I have so cherished this year (a very bittersweet night), I contemplated my year and where the Lord has brought me. I was filled with a sense of deep gratitude, praise, and a sense of peace and true amazement with the Lord’s faithfulness, and His provision for me over the past year, for the relationships and niche he has given me, for the healing he brought after 18 months of loneliness and uncertainty following my graduation from Wheaton (with a brief interruption by a great term at RVA). O Praise Him!!
My friend Michelle and I and a few brave girls from the old group will start a new group this Friday, for women, which will be a very different dynamic, and in some ways a sacrifice to give up the perspectives that guys can bring to a Bible study. I am excited nonetheless, because I have seen God’s amazing faithfulness this past year, in taking me from zero friends and a battered heart to a thriving community of believers and a fuller knowledge of Himself. How can I possibly doubt that He doesn’t have the ability to do it again?  I feel humbled, terrified, at times unwillingly responsible, to open my apartment and grocery budget and heart to new girls that are coming into the city, in the same place I was last year, with no friends and invisible amidst the hum in this crazy metropolis…. but oh, how could I NOT want be for someone new, what the Bjerke’s and the Dueck’s and Gary and Emily and Tomi and Jon and Jason and Krysten and Michelle have been for me?
Anyway, this may seem a bit random to you all, but it isn’t to me. I sat in that church service this morning, brought to tears in praise to a God that sees us, knows what we need, and is faithful.
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  1. Brian Miller says:

    >That's exciting!And I am glad you've shared this. Maybe I need to move to some city.(Oh, and I know this isn't the place for personal updates or conversation, but I get to go back to PNG for two months in December!!)

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