I have a wet spot on my shirt, and don’t know where it came from. In lab, that is very unnerving. ewwww. Also, in haste to get things started on time, I inadvertently forgot to put on gloves before dealing with culture flasks, and then spilled on my hands. Another ewwww.
I left this morning and bought coffee on the way to work instead of taking the time to make it myself at home…Hurry hurry, today is a doozie… digest checks, gel purifications, large-scale growth & induction, cloning up the wazoo, transformations…. keeping tabs on trays, and trying to get everything done by 4 so I can go to class, and after that head to midtown for a commissioning service… FULL DAY.
This morning Christine arrived at lab in her biking gear, and its effect on me was to get me excited for cooler weather and for the possibility of (maybe) starting to run again…. we’ll see.
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