>no news….


…is good news?
The school year has settled in, and yet again, my weekends are the only time I have to do things for myself, and they are filling up fast! This weekend: department BBQ north of the city, catered by the ONE, the FABULOUS, Dinosaur Bar-B-Cue. SOOO good!!! Lunch with June, who I met earlier this year and really liked! That evening: coffee hour shmoozer (I mean Welcome Center Greeter) at the 5pm service for Redeemer.
Next weekend: my Fellowship Group ‘multiplies’ and forms 2 new groups. It will be bittersweet, but I am excited to start leading a women’s group in my apartment, for the new dynamics it will bring, and for the ways we will grow together in the Lord and welcome new girls to the city and into our fellowship tree. After that: Chris comes for the weekend, we have brunch with the Breakfast Club, and then head to an MLS game outside the city in Newark, NJ. Fun fun fun!
Weekend after that: I am driving a friend to Hartford for the night, she will run the Hartford Marathon and we will get to visit Grandpa & Norma Barney…. then we will decide whether or not we want to join members of the FG tree in western Jersey for a weekend of camping, s’mores, apple picking, and general relaxation and renewal time…. options options. =)
2 Weekends after that: I juggle grading 150 Biochemistry Midterms with having Mom and Allie visiting over Al’s spring break. Aunt Jan will come in and help us with some retail therapy (smile),  and it will be nice to show them around the city now that I know my way around. =) (Maybe I can co-opt them into helping me paint my living room!!!)
After that I will get to once again experience the INSANITY that is New York City on Halloween. LOL. And then it is the home stretch to Thanksgiving and the Holiday mayhem, I can play Christmas music, and stress about presents (my favorite thing to do…..or not?) =) Maybe I need to learn to get more excited about receiving gifts… =)
Anyway…. the year is flying away from me. And then I think….isn’t that how most of life passes by? Too quickly?
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