>Its been an interesting week…. wait, what? agh. interesting 2 days? Whatev…. lack of sleep (clearly) greatly contributing to the strangeness of the feeling.

The US Open finished Monday with a victory by Rafa Nadal, which I hoped for. He is not the most suave persona, but he’s scrappy, strong, and amazing. Perhaps part of my desire for him to win was based on the fact that I got to see him live…. strange how that rolls into the psyche.

I stayed in lab until 1:30 a.m. after the match ended to finish up things; however, today I did a prep all day and was too busy to put my hard pushing Monday night to any use. Meetings with the boss are tomorrow and I won’t have a final step of cloning completed, largely due to the fact that all day I have been dragging around, half-conscious. My new plan is to work a 12-12 schedule….ish. Arrive in lab at 12 and stay until 12. I have class every afternoon between 2:30-5ish and its quite disruptive…. I figure if I work 12-12 at least I can get 7 hrs or so of uninterrupted work time afterwards. I’m not 100% convinced I want to live like that for four months, and the thought of waking up earlier on Fridays so I can still leave and have a weekend is quite inhibitory. ๐Ÿ˜€

I had a chat with my sister tonight. Oh my, I love that girl. And I love watching her grow up, and wish I’d given her more grace when she was the ackward middle schooler that drove me, the ‘too cool highschooler’ crazy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I told her that we are meanest to people who have no choice but to love us. Another strange concept….

Now its 9 pm and I wanted to be in bed about 3 hours ago…. and I am still in lab with a little while to go. UGGHHHH.

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