>the only thing you can count on….

>is change.

…or is that supposed to say ‘death and taxes’?

Yesterday we had a new postdoc start in the lab, and she chose the desk next to mine. Part of the work we do in the lab is new to her, so for the past couple of days she’s been coming over with questions, and I’ve helped get her started on a few things until all her reagents are made etc, but it has created space for conversation. She’s from India, and either because of her lovely accent or the suspiciously delicious looking food she brought for lunch, I like having her here. Perhaps because it brings back memories of working with so many Indian students during M.U.N. in highschool, or eating at that restaurant near the National Theater in Kampala with dad on occasion, where the owner though my braces were cavities and always told me to stop eating so many sweets. =) (he was very confused when I showed up one day and my braces were off…. “is this the same girl? or her sister?” )

This morning we had an exchange student from Japan arrive, and he took the desk next to the fridge….
changes changes.

Now it is 4 p.m. and I am headed home to eat the lunch that I forgot to bring this morning. It’s waiting for me in the fridge, and so is a cold pot of coffee. Just the zip I need to get me through the evening ahead. Its been a long, very busy day in lab…. the best kind. =)

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