>fudge pops, baseball, and U.P.S.

>for a late-morning filler or something-or-other i ate my last fudge pop. yummy. its another gray day in new york, rainy rainy. but i woke up before my alarm this morning and a looove the way that feels! i have spent the morning nursing a pot of Java House coffee from Nairobi (thanks Allie!) and chilling….. organizing a massive outing to a Yankee game, perhaps…


because the U.P.S. man left me two notices last week of attempts to deliver the final packages needed to install new coaxial cable. he left me a SEVEN HOUR WINDOW to be home to sign to receive them today, or it gets returned to the sender at the end of the week unless I make the five mile trek to their midtown office to pick it up myself. Seven hours? 10a-5p.

That’s like UPS saying that if you get a package sent via their services, you have to take a day off work just to sign for it. Not OK.  I will tell him as much when he comes, and for future reference friends, do not send me anything by U.P.S.

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