>yesterday, between bouts of studying for my stats final, i sat down on a bench outside on campus to eat the sub i’d bought for lunch. there was a tiny swallow bouncing around my feet, always staying just far enough to react if i moved too much. city birds. so i threw it a crumb.


i stopped counting eventually, but at one point there were over 40 birds sitting around my bench. i would throw a crumb and there was squeaking, squeeling and fighting, and the lucky bird that got the crumb always went flying away ASAP to enjoy his find all alone. there were a few dumb pidgeons that walked around slowly watching what was happening, but never exerting their sheer size or strength to beat the swallows to the crumbs. oh well, their loss.

but it definitely felt hilarious, almost like a movie moment. i could have started singing songs to the birds and had them follow me around campus if i’d just kept throwing them little pieces to fight over! =P

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