>rain & cheerios

>there is a light rain outside, i hear the splats on my window A/C unit. out in the living room i can hear the gentle splats of raindrops on my window sill, or perhaps the street below. my hair is still wet from showering, and with the gentle hum of rain coming through the open living room window, i had the luxury of having milk in my cereal this morning. (i rarely buy milk because I can never use it all before it goes bad–b/c i am not a big milk person) but i bought a 1/4 gallon on a whim at 11:45 last night, at the 24-hr grocery store around the corner. so, breakfast this morning was nice. cheerios with milk are better than cheerios with yogurt, or (true story) water.

i love that it is raining, i think because it is like a little slice of nature that permeates the concrete… a reminder that I am, in fact, on planet earth even though all of my surroundings are man-made. it washes the city, cleans the air, and i hope i get to smell the air shortly after the rain; i wonder if it will smell markedly different.

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