>pit bulls and kayaks

>its a full weekend here! last night on my way home from fellowship group there was a man on the train with a backpack full of puppies. they were SO CUTE! turns out they were little pit bulls (not as cute) and my initial thought was that it was something underhanded…. like taking them late at night in a backpack to sell them to a dog fighting ring or something…. have i mentioned i am cynical? haha.

he was taking them home quite impulsively, so i imagine he faced a firestorm when he got home!

then this morning i woke up (too early) to go down to 56th street and go kayaking for FREE at the boathouse. So fun! except for getting my rear wet in the HUDSON RIVER…. slightly grossed me out. showered A.S.A.P when i got home. =)

now its off to a birthday party/dinner cruise around manhattan (connections!)

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