>down the drain….


time, money, days gone by….
as i write this…. i am sitting in lab waiting for my protein to elute off of our HPLC column so that i can concentrate it and DASH to class…. but at this rate I will either miss the first half, or miss class entirely. protein has to be dealt with! can't be left…. why did i sign up to do this on a thursday?
actually… truthfully it can be done with the time i allotted, but i hit a snaffoo with my lysis reactions and took an extra hour (at least) to sort it out. blerrrrrg.
there is a birthday party tonight, today i caved in and ordered take-out for lunch, and go out to breakfast tomorrow for the weekly breakfast club….another birthday on saturday. all $$ down the drain. but oh, the experiences! eek!
i fly home a week from tomorrow to see the fam. HUZZAH.
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