>thursday  night i stayed up all night, to catch a bus to LaGuardia at 3:30 a.m., for a 6am flight to LA… jet lag, 44 hours awake by the time i finally went to bed in Cali, and then last night i caught a red-eye from L.A.X… or early this morning, depending which time zone you measure by. I finally got back to my apartment around 11:30 a.m. NY time, and proceeded to kill the afternoon (a)eating, (b) napping, and (c) thinking about many many things…

now i am off to class to take a (re)quiz in stats…which I didn’t do bad on the first time so its hard to care enough to even open my notes. I am taking gorp with me to class, and drinking strong coffee in an attempt to help my body clock cope with being very confused…

more to come, eventually, on my awesome weekend in california with 8 of my college housemates. wonderful, wonderful women, and i miss them so much.

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