>did not meet Reuben last night. fail.
did find crystals in my screen today! success.
did not read for class in 20 minutes. fail.
did manage to eek out a minicheck in lab…. sort of success.
did not do preparations for bible study tomorrow. fail.
did go out to breakfast with jenn. success.
did not sleep in this morning, after leaving lab at 11:30 pm. fail.
did get to leave lab for a bit this aternoon. sweet deal.
did not read my bible this morning. fail.
did drink 3+ cups of coffee today. huzzah.
did not run at all this week…. race in 9 days. fail.
did my laundry this week. success.
did not clean my room this week. fail.

upsy downsy upsy downsy.

WILL watch Seinfeld tonight (I am determined) with Kristin. WEEE!!!!

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