>a bit busy

>as i write this i have 8 cups of coffee brewing, which I will promptly put in the fridge. it is supposed to reach 100 degrees today, and that doesn’t mesh well with my morning routine of hot coffee + quiet time, so I have to mix it up a little. by the way, 100 degrees + being in the city = worse than 100. There will be no wind to relieve the suffering… but the humidity finds its way in inevitably. i will stay inside today, as much as possible, and be glad for it. and i thank God that i have an air conditioner! my roommates is partially functional and extremely loud, so that she can’t sleep at night if it is on. gross.

i’ve had a busy and full week. one of my college roommates from wheaton flew into Newark airport on a layover on Friday. i gave her directions to get to Penn Station and we met up for breakfast and a little sight seeing. i hadn’t seen Danielle in three years!

i went to jersey for the weekend and spent it eating, eating, eating, and hanging out with cousins. we went to a Patriot’s baseball game (free tickets!) on saturday (my first of the season) where my cousin’s cousin’s husband scored the winning run in the 12th inning. fun times! =)

last night i met up with friends in Bryant Park to watch a free movie, as part of their summer film festival. We watched a gene hackman drug lord/narcotics cop police-chase movie from the 1970’s. it was SOOO hot, we sat their dripping with sweat, but it was an experience. =)

now its a mad scramble to get caught up on all the reactions i could have run, had i stayed in town for the weekend….

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