NOT carrying my camera…..  is becoming a problem…. you’ll have to take my word for this I guess.
I went to CT this weekend with my friend Marissa, who went to college with a high school classmate of mine. She had us up to her family home in Mystic, CT RIGHT ON THE beach! There were beaches in 3 of the 4 directions from house…. North, East, and South: take your pick. I met some WONDERFUL new people, a woman name June, specifically. Praise Jesus for creating spaces and times for us to meet and be encouraged by one-another. June is a single, wonderful, sweet surgeon in her mid-thirties who chose to spend a weekend with mostly twenty-somethings. We had great conversation during the drive up to CT, despite having just met that morning and I adore her.
I now have a nice sun-kissed look, that might turn to an itchy-kissed feeling later this week. I swam in the (freezing!) Atlantic Ocean, got some salty lips, and thought about the oil slick, thankful that it wasn’t in this part of the ocean. (sad) A day of sun, sand, salty ocean water, and tons of food, and a road trip topped off with a hot and sticky no A/C Redeemer service makes for a wonderful kind of tired…. and a wonderful kind of sleep.
Happy weekend.
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